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is affecting a lot of california college students studying overseas. kraig debro is joining us live to tell us about an urgent memo sent to cu students in japan. >> reporter: according to csu website, they send the most students abroad than any other. we'll be hoping to talk to some officials about their bringing students home even if they are not studying near where the quake zone. chancellor charles reed says he wants all csu students studying in japan to return and he's ordering no more students go to jam japan. we were told the students would be competing for resources. and the japanese people need it more. now, this morning a friend of a csu studying in japan said she cried when she heard the news but he thinks it's for the best. >> it is pretty dangerous. i mean, they would be breathing in dangerous fumes, right? i don't think it's such a bad idea. >> reporter: reed says another reason for bringing students home are the dangers associated with the fukushima nuclear plant. tohuko university has been closed. according to the students from uc are all accounted for and there are no further
. since the beginning of this year, investors have put more than $24 billion in u.s. stock funds. >>> san francisco police everyone waking you this morning about a new scam, this one targets atms and these thieves use glue, not guns. jade hernandez is live in san francisco now to tell us what to look out for. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. i just checked in with the san francisco richmond police station that's just around the corner and found out one of these thefts happened last week during the day at a bank of america atm similar to this one. what the customer did, the customer put the card inside of the machine and then typed in the key code. once the key code came up, the customer realized that. enter button had been glued down. thieves are targeting atm users and the customers can't finish the process because the key gets stuck in the machine. the customer goes inside the bank and leaves the information or card back up on the screen. a local paper report says the police said since january there have been four of these type of thefts in the district. thieves are using
in to help private american citizens wishing to leave japan. >>> u.s. citizens are also being urged to defer all nonessential travel to any part of that country because unpredictable wind conditions could spread radioactive contamination. and the u.s. is still telling americans living -- living within 50 miles of the damaged plant to leave the area or at least remain indoors while the japanese government is limiting its warning to people living within 12 miles of the plant. and that's one example of what some in the obama administration believe is japan downplaying the risk. coming up at:15, we'll have a live report -- 7:15, we'll have a live report on this disaster. >>> scientists on the west coast are watching a radioactive plume movement. it's expected to hit the aleutian islands south of i -- that's south of alaska sometime today. health experts are saying radiation is plunging. the epa is installing more radiation detection mob teres here in -- monitors here in california just to keep track of the threat. jade hernandez is joining us live. she's at uc berkeley where they are installing
later -- 30 minutes later another quake hit north of sendai. no tsunami was issued for the u.s. japanese officials have not yet reported any tsunamis along the japanese coast. the operate of the power plants say workers have rerejected the power line -- reconnected the power lines. how far, they say more work needs to be done before the cooling systems can be pour powered -- can be powered up. >>> it is 7:03. just about 30 minutes ago, military families evacuated from japan arrived at travis air force base near fairfield. kraig debro is at the base talking with some of the problems. he will join us shortly with an update on what's happening there. >>> just 90 minutes from now, the opening statements will begin in the barry bonds perjury trial. now, the jury will not see one part of the proceedings that are kit cal. allie rasmus -- critical. allie rasmus has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. opening statements are set to get underway. they are expected to last a couple of hours. after the opening statements, then the first witnesses will be called. one of the witnesses
through. there's still plenty to come. this front will give us moderate to heavy rain rates in most of the roads, and they are already wet. here's more with sal. >>> good morning. sanfrancisco, still a little wet. the rain has been peppering our commute. in marin county we're hearing the rain is very heavy in the corte madera area. you want to watch for standing water. this is a tree that collapsed into a power pole. you can see the poll is down towards power lines. the power is not out in the area, according to pg&e officials. this happened south of highway 24 near moraga. the tree collapsed sometime overnight. we're told the pg&e crews are working to get the poll up. we'll have no -- we don't have an estimate when they will be able to fix it. it has not interrupted power in the general area. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >>> within the last hour, a diplomat who has access to united nations' radiation tracking, says radioactive fallout to japan 'nuclear fallout has -- japan's nuclear fallout has reached the southern california area. here's jade hernandez. >> reporter: we've
on their spending on other discretionary items. stay with us here on ktvu. we'll bring you updates on bernanke's report throughout this newscast. >>> a high-tech heist in fremont. a team of armed robbers targeted unigen corporation early sunday morning. and a short time ago, kraig debro talked with an industry analyst about what those suspects may do next. what did they say? >> reporter: i want to show you this is unigen behind me. in the last 15 minutes or so, the parking lot went from being empty to completely full. if you look through there, you may see -- it looks like a manufacturing area, perhaps a staging area. but police confirm for us this morning that this is where the thieves got into the property. you can see the storage facility behind it. they could be hidden back there. no one could see them. we also heard from the industry analyst about the heist. fifteen people with guns and rifles came in. they were wearing all black and ski masks. they came in, tied up all of the employees, they took wallets. they took everything from them. at the same time, the same group was loading up a t
is to the evergreen oil company. that's where this explosion and subsequent fire happened. they have us cordoned -- cordened off here. we can see a haze in the air. that's left over from the explosion and the fire. we do have newschopper2 overhead who can give us an aerial view. there was heavy smoke out there and a large emergency presence out here. we just talked with a plant manager who explained what happened. the plant manager says what happened was an equipment failure on a piece of equipment called a heat exchanger. the heat exchanger failed, that resulted in a fire and that fire caused hydrochloric acid to be released. they say there's no cause for alarm because that was all contained in the containment center in the refinery. one employee was injured, had an injury to his arm. he was transferred to the hospital. when it comes to some of the concerns about some of the hazardous materials here and some of the hazardous materials that could be in the smoke. we're told by alameda county there's no evacuation order or no shelter-in-place order. if we turn around, you can see a lot of residen
flying overhead, monitoring the waters and wave activity out here. the coast guard is supposed to give us a more comprehensive update later this morning. and as soon as we get some more information, we'll bring it to you. ali rasmus, channel 2 eyewitness news. >>> red cross officials were busy all day yesterday in san francisco officials and volunteers had supplies packed and ready to go to japan. and in oakland, the red cross set up a phone bank to accept donations from bay area residents. the internet also appears to be helping with the relief efforts. >> we're noticing that a lot of people seem to go going online, using the text option, on or end mail some we primarily been giving information for donating. >> in san francisco owners for a restaurant are donating 10% of their proceeds to earthquake relief efforts in japan. and for more information on how you can help, go to, and click on the japan quake tab. >>> we do have an update on a story we first brought you, a developing news on the 10:00 news les night. a woman and her four-month-old granddaughter are home safe this mor
not knowingly take steroids and that was part of the federal investigation into steroids use in major league baseball. he was indicted on four counts. bonds's attorneys say they are confident the popular baseball star will be acquitted. >> we felt this -- you know from the first day we all met that the government's evidence has proven nothing and we still think that. >> reporter: now, the trial is expected to take two to four weeks. federal prosecutors are gonna call 50 witnesses to testify. one witness who said he will not testify is greg anderson. he's bonds's former trainer. anderson has spent time in jail for not cooperating. the first thing we have to get true this morning is jury -- through this morning is jury selection and that's expected to start in about an hour from now. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. >>> new this morning, turkey has secured the release of four new york times "journalists -- of four" new york times "journals. libya had originally said they were going to release the four last friday. the journalists were captured in the eastern part of that
, about six hours ago crews completed the latest section ahead of schedule. claudine wong joins us now with new video and to tell us what is next. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yes, they are pretty excited they were able to complete in on schedule because we had rain and wind on tuesday that head them think that it might happen. you can see -- that made them think that it might not happen. you can see the scaffolding structure and the crane at the top. we're at the bay bridge project headquarters. this is an important piece of what you will see on the very, very top of the bridge when it's done. i'm joined by bart nay. tell me where this goes? >> well, this is the top of the bridge, this is our main table saddle. it will sit in here in the steel. >> reporter: you talked about getting -- the significance of getting this tower up. how significant was this overnight work? >> well, a huge milestone and big for the moral of our entire team. we were able to finish it early. but it completes the leg of the school, that is the main tower and the top of this piece, we
>>> also, new nuclear concerns in japan that there is a direct connection to the u.s. navy. >>> it's been an anxious morning for some b.a.r.t. comcommuters -- commuters. >>> right now, hundreds of bay area community college students and their supporters are heading north to the state's capitol. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, march 14th. >>> just hours ago, b.a.r.t. took -- took care of one problem. >> sal has more on the coverage. >> what happened? >> the system is running well. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: well, right now, there are delays of trains coming in san francisco. at the concord station. that brought the strain line and traffic to a complete standstill. news chopper 2 was overhead when it happened. b.a.r.t. officials still don't know why that derailment happened. crews worked overnight to remove the derailed tank -- train. at 4:00 a.m. this morning, the work was complete and selves was restored. back out here live, there were delays. when we talked to commuters this morning, they are re
prices continue to be among the highest in the nation. those high prices could be with us for a while. allie rasmus is in emeryville this morning with what national leaders are now saying is possibly an option. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yes, there is talk about the possibility of tapping into the u.s.'s strategic oil reserve. we'll explain in a minute. first, i want to show you what drivers are seeing as they pull up to the pump. you can see the cost of a gallon of regular gas is $3.93 a gal be. that's about -- gallon. that's about average according to aaaa. if you want plus or premium, you will pay well over $4 a gallon. nationwide the average cost of a gal -- gallon of gas is 3.51. that's cheaper than what we are paying here in california. but that price is 3 cents higher than the average two weeks ago. the spike is the second biggest increase in history. it's caught the attention of the white house. they are talking about tapping into the strategic reserve. >> the average american out there is feeling it. the president is very concerned. we're trying to
this morning. some of us dealing with moderate, even heavy rain, half moon bay over la honda, you can see the possibility of thunderstorms. light to moderate rain falling over areas around oakland and around san jose, getting a break. up to the north, we saw winds in excess of 60 miles an hour at some points. we'll take a look at how much rain we've seen in the last 24 hours. we also have a flash flood watch to talk about for some of our south bay areas coming up. >>> live now in san francisco, with some of the damage left behind by the storm. >> reporter: good morning. we're going to show you what those strong winds can do. right now on mason. this used to be a sign that was attached to the side of this five story building, we're standing next to. if you look up, you can see faintly one of the cables that had been holding this sign up. this building is the old victoria hotel. this all happened around 10:30 last night. we're standing about a block away from union square. there were a lot of people walking around in this area. the managers here say they're just glad no one walking around w
is live in mountain view to tell us what's going on with three families that have had to move out. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. as promised, we've moved closer to the scene. you are looking at the wheels of the mobile home. had to actually saw this home in two. they are gonna take it out on two trailers. 2001 of three red tagged. i want to show you what -- one of three red tagged. i want to show you what we found last night. the result, of course, three families are evacuated. the family says the home themselves are unsafe and red tagged them. >> on friday, when i came home last week, that's when we started to see the tags on the houses. it actually started on a wednesday, from what i hear. >> reporter: according to a published report, the mobile home park owns the vehicle creeks. so the money for this would have to come from the homeowner. reporting live from mountain view, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. >>> the city of san pablo is getting closer to declaring a state of emergency. this is in response to the landslides that have forced p
the embassies are, and all the national offices. sort of like the u.s. equivalent of capitol hill. we have not had a chance to go anywhere outside of tokyo right now. the transportation is very limited. as you can imagine. with everything that's been going on up there. but i've been listening closely. right now, i have the japanese national news on. a short while ago, early this evening, they had japanese officials who came on, who were talking and giving updates of the situation. it's just been really heartbreaking to see some of these pictures. we've been getting in a lot in our studios at ktvu. but they've been coming in. the some of the pictures will be seen shortly as we send them from japan to california. people looking for family members. people who have just seen their houses be swept down by water. people just torn up by what we're seeing. but they're experiencing it right here. it's just, it's very difficult to watch. >> jana, can you dive in a little bit on the mood out there on the streets of tokyo? i know you've only been there a short time, but are things up and running at le
are encouraging if anyone did see anything to call and let us know. >> reporter: as far as traffic, i can see behind us they're making really good progress. when do you think the lanes will be back open. >> hopefully in the next five minutes. >> reporter: you can see they're in the final stages of cleanup but we know this all started because a woman apparently fell asleep at the whole and hit the center divide. they're still trying to track down the big rig driver who was involved with the motorcycle driver, that motorcycle driver deceased, claudine wong. >>> this morning homicide investigators are searching for the gunman responsible in a deadly shooting. kraig debro has more. >> reporter: good morning, tori. language is a big problem. the two women involved are vietnamese and the other person is spanish. the two women and one man pulled up in a car. the sisters were planning to make -- planning to visiter that mom but didn't make it. >> do you have money. yeah. i gave him $80. >> when i come back, i already see him on the ground. >> reporter: they said they've been around this neighborhood
's definitely been in my mind. >> you can tell us about the -- can you tell us about the nuclear problems? >> reporter: certainly. that was something that we noticed earlier in the day. it's about 11:00 p.m. here on tuesday. one of the things they were saying, is there were radiations, higher elevated radiation levels detected in the area around tokyo. central tokyo near -- 200 or more quill low meters -- kilometers where the power plants are having that nuclear crisis. at the airport, they had radiation levels. people have been talking about this on the street. big concerns about that. >> there was a reactor fire at an earthquake-damaged fueling plant and some of the rods are not -- how are the people you are coming into contact with coping with this desire? >> reporter: well, there is a great desire -- people have been voluntarily turning off lights, decreasing their electricity use because they know the country is in a crisis and i think that's something that's become clear, just the sense that everyone needs to pull together in this moment of crisis and try to get the country through
are missing. >> this ca trass trophy in japan is having a warning on us in the bay area. a tsunami warning has been issued for the entire area. we have team coverage. we go to sfo where a flight from japan is scheduled to and shortly. first, let's go to ktvu's jade hernandez in pacifica. you have information about the schools. >> reporter: pacifica schools have been shut down. this road has been shut down for several hours. you can see where caution tape has been strung along the railings. authorities want to make sure no one walks by the area. we just learned, pacifica schools have been shut down. the department is assessing whether to issue a mandatory evacuation. waves are expected to crest no higher than four feet. we have learned a voluntary evacuation is in place for what's call the tsunami inundation zone. beaches along the coast and from lynn de mar in pacifica and it is expected between 7:30 and 8:00. that's about a half hour from now, so evacuation points have already been established. they've been established in pacifica at ocean antic and terra nova. that's where the red cross has
this weekend for his funeral. >>> the seats of some well used public transportation have been analyzed. tested the bacteria content on a random bart seat, and muni seat, on the muni seat, no bacteria was detected. but the cloth seats on bart revealed fecal bacteria, and nine different strains of back tear ha, -- bacteria, and mold on the seat. officials admit, a change is needed. >> when bart started in 1972, we were competing directly against the automobile. we wanted to provide a comfortable seat. now with 350,000 riders daily on our train, is our current seats most appropriate? bart says it spent $600,000 a year to dry clean those seat, but now they're considering with going with the easier to clean plastic seats. >>> legal experts are deliberating a possible plea guarding in the kidnapping case of jaycee dugard. earlier this week, nancy garrido's client said they confessed to kidnapping dugard. there may be advantages to a plea deal for both sides. it would spare jaycee dugard and her daughters from having to testify during trial. the garridos are looking to receive a sentence that include
with jackie speier. we're told she's on her way to washington, d.c. but is expected to get back to us some time this morning. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> looking forward to hearing some response from those people. thank you. >>> new this morning, berkeley police are investigating a man's death after a nearly nine- hour s.w.a.t. team standoff overnight. police found the man's body in alameda just before 4:00 this morning. it's believed the man killed himself. officers arrived after reports of someone firing off multiple gunshot wounds. it's not clear if the man found dead fired off those rounds and his identity has not been revealed. >>> overnight we found out that the body of a missing california exchange student was found in a river in madrid, spain. >> we just got this new video of the police removing the body of 22-year-old austin biec from that river. police say the cause of death is not known yet but foul play is not suspected. bice was a student at san diego university. he was studying abroad in spain e was reported missing february 26th by his roommates when he didn't come
've been seeing this backup since 6:00 when we pulled up. the chp officer who came to talk to us said he's gonna be out here for a little bit to monitor the situation. this initial accident happened at 5:40. and what happened afterwards is a minor accident. this big rig losing its trailer caused two other vehicles to crash. those cars have been pulled off the freeway. minor injuries in that accident. no serious injuries. but, of course, you can see this is causing a huge problem this morning. of course, we'll keep an eye on it and we will get more information passed along to you. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, jade. >>> you can always find up-to- the-minute weather and traffic information as well as a look at stormtracker2 on >>> 7:0 3. right now, in washington, d.c., the second day of federal hearings looking into the san bruno pipeline explosion is underway. the focus of today's hearing is on how much people in san bruno knew of the danger presented by the pg&e pipeline running under the city. in testimony today, san bruno's fire
right now. one bay area man is making national news by picking up a sunday newspaper. craig joining us live with new information about a terrifying attack. good morning, craig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we're closer than we've been to the explosion. if you look at the lawn behind me, you can see the damage this explosion did. because police weren't sure there were other devices around the neighborhood, they had to evacuate 50 homes. it happened yesterday morning around 10:20 when a man living in one of the homes here walked outside to get a morning newspaper, the sunday newspaper. the man picked up the paper and something inside the wrap exploded. the newspaper was actually on the yard of the next door neighbor and not the yard of the man who picked it up. the man was air lifted to uc davis medical center. some of his fingers may have been blown off. police aren't releasing his identity nor do they know what caused the explosion. >> acid-based bottle device, there was some speculation, but now it's being character rised as a pipe bomb, that wouldn't be fair either. >> reporter:
in san francisco leaves one man dead, what police tell us about the investigation this morning. >>> we're also going to take you live to oakland. there it is, the starting line of the city's running festival. >>> good morning, and welcome to mornings on 2. it is sunday, march 27. >> what about that cold? let's get right to it. >> we saw a bit of clearing in the overnight hours and we're waking up a little colder. a little chilly this morning. we're expecting just a very weak storm to move through today, going to stop this very quickly, and show you the north bay, perhaps a few light sprinkles, maybe a little drizzle over santa rosa, maybe petaluma. we're turning the corner, we'll talk more about that coming up in just a little bit. >>> topping our news this morning, the damage and clean up capital. now that the rain is finally easing, the coastal town has a lot of work ahead. we want to take you right now to capitolla. you can see all the debris along the main area in the village area. that is all the stuff they've been pushing aside to get it into the street. there's still a lot of wa
>>> after yesterday's system, today will be better, but we will have hail that could carry us into today. >>> as of forks the creek level was just above four feet. that's not what this was yesterday. we'll compare the difference. >>> we're watching two major developments in japan this morning, a new after shock and a breach in the core. >>> a woman is arrested after causing a lot of damage in berkeley overnight. >>> welcome. i'm dave clark. >> let's get to steve. >>> good morning. we have scattered showers. it will be a day where you can pick anywhere you name. we have a cool unstable air mass. the shower activities lining up from antioch to concorde and into the santa cruz mountains. things have cooled down in mendocino county. from youtville. this line right into walnut creek heading towards 580 and the santa cruz mountains things are picking up. still, scattered showers on the san mateo coastline around half moon bay and towards the san mateo bridge. another busy morning for sal. >>> looks like highway 24 is being hit by a shower. now farther away or a few miles away. 80 we
. a wild weekend of weather is ahead of us after really what has already been a pretty wild 24 hours. we have a crew at one of our hardest hit areas, but let's check in first with rosemary to see what is happening right now. >> good morning to you! a lull in what we're looking at for the weekend. we had wild weather yesterday, the thunderstorms we know we had a small tornado in one of our local areas. but we do continue with this weather. getting a little break but a high wind watch expected to move into places overnight. yesterday we saw the gusts reaching 40 miles per hour. they could reach 60 in the overnight hours and tomorrow. we're also tracking radar, little light rain falling in some areas and we'll show you the very latest on that and when we expect the heaviest rain with this next storm coming up in just a few moments. >>> the last time a tornado caused damage in the bay area was -- we'll talk about the tornado here yesterday. first want to tell you about 150 pg&e customers in richmond that are still without power. pg&e saying right now that there are about 12,000 customers who
, causing it to crumble. neighbors tell us because it is a private road, homeowners will be responsible for fixing it. and today will be another day of bottled water for people living in 160 homes near pleasanton. crews will need at least one more day to repair a water main on pleasant hill ridge. a landslide shifted the ground and that breck the pipe yesterday morning. the water district says as a precaution, nearby residents who do have tap water should not drink it, even though district officials say the water is not contaminated. >>> we also just checked with clear lake officials, and despite the rain there are no serious problems to report this morning. the water, however, is above flood stage level so water is running over the spillway there. looks like was bathtub faucet. flood stage is 9 feet. officials say there hasn't been a lot of rain there overnight and they're certainly hoping it stays that way. >>> good morning to you. giving you a look at the foggy start. so while we slept the next storm rolled in. you can see it is moderate, even heavy at times. santa cruz mountains get
presence. they're not letting us pass this gate, and all these cars that are coming in are asking people for their i.d.s. and their badges information to make sure that the people come in here are here with pg&e. and in this parking lot it's been like this since early this morning, it's very full, very busy, and even at 5 in the morning we saw several 18- wheeler trucks come in and out, dropping off deliveries. i did contact pg&e this morning. a heard become from a representative. he wouldn't confirm what is going on here but the san francisco chronicle is report this is morning that inside the warehouse, pg&e employees are pouring through hundreds of thousands of documents, trying to collect and find detailed information on all the gas pipelines in northern california. this video we got within the past hour at the cow palace. you can see it a warehouse floor full of stacks of boxes of documents. the california public utilities commission gave pg&e a march 15th deadline to search for all pipeline records, and that order went out after some of the records about the san bruno pipeline that
at -- at this this restaurant, other business owners tell us this has been open for a while. firefighters tried to contact the owner of the restaurant and they've had no success. when he and she arrives here this morning, it could be a complete surprise to them. damage is estimated at $200,000. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> two former officers of a parent/teacher group accuse of em pezingle -- em pezingleing money -- embezzling. the two are accused of buying clothing, going on tripes and -- trips and doing other thingses with money. last july, a big fire at the school caused more than $10 million in damage. two teenagers were charged with arson. >>> 7:03. this morning, protesters are now gone from uc berkeley after attempting to take over a building. during yesterday's day of action, police say about 50 protesters gathered at the wheeler hall. police say when it came time for the building to close, a smaller group of protesters locked arms and refused to leave the building. police say 17 people were arrested and cited for trespassing.
water is not an immediate health risk for the adults. and the u.s. just became the first agency to block food, the import of milk, vegetables and fruits, produced in that area near the power plant. japanese food, by the way, the imports make up less than 4% of all imports. >>> new sh morning, a shooting -- new this morning, a shooting investigation. a woman was shot last night around 10:30 on pine street. police say the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the neck but her injuries are not life- threatening. so far police are not saying anything about the suspects or a possible motive. >>> 7:06. in just 90 minutes from right now, testimony resumes in the barry bonds's perjury trial. the first witness, the key prosecutor will go back on the stand for cross-examination. tara moriarty is live in san francisco outside the courthouse right now. >> reporter: all he had to do was tell the truth but he couldn't do it. that statement made by barry bonds' pointman. nowitzki will continue testimony in about an hour and a half. the federal drug agent involved in the balco funds said bonds had immunity
pipe on either side. this has been a problem going on more than a week. add, pg&e told us -- yesterday, pg&e told us that somebody called to complain about a mob gas leak. they found no gas leak but a water leak. a hole in the road, in the middle of the road has been reopened about -- at least five times as water crews fix that problem. now, one of the main problems here are these broken water pipes. >> our problem here, the water -- the pipes out and eroded about a foot. this is the fifth time we've opened the road open. every time the road slides down, it pulls the pipes apart and we get to fix it. >> reporter: other people complaining about possible gas leaks, we've only heard from other people, that there have been a couple of gas leaks. we still need to check into that to see how true that is. if you look at the live picture, you can see how the birth driveway here, which is what you would expect, is cracking there. there's dirt underneath this asphalt. that's part of the problems. i don't know what the long-term solution is. we're gonna talk to people up here to see if we can get
to steve. >> all right. our system is moving in. it's giving us some rain, some leet sted -- light steady rain. he said it feels like it's 41 degrees. so this cold air is beginning to come in. the cold air is enhancing. there's a lot of cold air, just great fantastic support, upper levels, lower levels. it will turn quieter this afternoon. show you whams going on -- what's going on in the darker green from marin county towards napa county and santa rosa and working its way towards the south bay and the east bay. there's light stuff but the heaviest is poised to move in. it goes until at least 1:00. the national weather service will update about 9:00, 9:30 in the morning. flood warning is out for the yellow cause bypass. high wind warning is out for the car keen us in straight. gusts over 80 are likely. heavier rains will focus on the russian river. but the santa cruz mountains, again, could take about two to three and a half inches of rain. 40s. cold out there. it's going to stay cold. there's one system going by. here's the next one. it wraps up. there are all sorts of snow advisories, w
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